Concrete Panels

Concrete / Cement panels have been increasingly popular, available in a variety of finishes, textures,  shapes and sizes including grand format, planks, baguettes or fins. Cement panels are environmentally friendly, recyclable and require little or no maintenance.

Fibre C by Reider

A true concrete panel in composition, Fibre C is a strong and durable exterior façade product. Offering both hidden or face fastened capabilities, it’s a product that complements itself with its natural, environmentally-friendly sustainability. Most installed by igloo are the Concrete Skin and Oko Skin panels, See our featured Projects at our Home page for photos.  (YWCA – Oko Skin, U of L – Concrete Skin)

Eternit Fibre Cement by Europanels

A fibre cement panel that offers versatility in colour and finishes, you’d be almost guaranteed to find a finish you like! A rain screen system that gives a rugged look, complements well against our ACM product. See our gallery for pictures of a project using this product.