Aluminum Composite Panels

With hundreds of years of combined experience backing our field and office teams, Igloo’s expertise in Aluminum Composite Panels is among the most successful in our trade. From an idea, to design, production and installation we can customize our panels to meet your dream design, all in house, to any colour of the rainbow, even ones that don’t exist yet!”

With fabrication shops in Edmonton and Calgary Igloo holds the ability to provide high standard quality panels to any size project in a efficient and timely manor.

Concrete Panels

Concrete / Cement panels have been increasingly popular, available in a variety of finishes, textures,  shapes and sizes including grand format, planks, baguettes or fins. Cement panels are environmentally friendly, recyclable and require little or no maintenance.

Fibre C by Reider

A true concrete panel in composition, Fibre C is a strong and durable exterior façade product. Offering both hidden or face fastened capabilities, it’s a product that complements itself with its natural, environmentally-friendly sustainability. Most installed by igloo are the Concrete Skin and Oko Skin panels, See our featured Projects at our Home page for photos.  (YWCA – Oko Skin, U of L – Concrete Skin)

Eternit Fibre Cement by Europanels

A fibre cement panel that offers versatility in colour and finishes, you’d be almost guaranteed to find a finish you like! A rain screen system that gives a rugged look, complements well against our ACM product. See our gallery for pictures of a project using this product.

Insulated Metal Panels

Buildings today require greater energy efficiency and versatility making Foam Panels an attractive choice for an all-encompassing wall system. With many warehouses and car dealerships often using foam panels as their wall systems for better thermal capabilities and swift installation. A typical foam panel has an inside metal liner, with insulation in the middle, and a typical metal exterior or stucco finish. Available in numerous finishes, colours, and thicknesses the possibilities are nearly endless. See our gallery for pictures of foam panel projects.

Metal Cladding and Roofing

Metal Cladding & Roofing

Many colours and profiles lead to infinite combinations of possibilities. From horizontal to vertical cladding, we can do it all on your building. See the gallery for some beautiful work we’ve done on new buildings and retro-fits with metal siding.


Originating from Germany, Kalzip offers a number of standing seam roof profiles and rain screen façade systems. In painted aluminum, mill finish, embossed, stainless steel or copper you’ll find what you’re looking for in the popular metal products from Europe. Unique to Kalzip is the ability to curve, taper or provide straight sheets to match the architectural design. With the ability to provide onsite rolling for continuous sheets in excess of 500 feet, Kalzip provides the ability to give your building a long sweeping continuous roof. Check out our gallery for more pictures of projects with Kalzip on it.

SR-40 Standing Seam Roof

Igloo manufacture’s its own standing seam roof in house from steel coil. We have our own rolling machine which can roll up to 45 foot sheets in our facility and ship direct to your project or longer if rolled onsite. We can also offer curved sheets to match your roof radius. With many colours to choose from and the ability to roll anywhere between a 16″ to 24″ pan, our standing seam roof product is a great choice for your roof. Click here for specifications on our standing seam roof, contact us for quote.

If there are other metal cladding/roofing products out there not shown on this website, be sure that we can get a hold of the product, and bring it in specifically for your project. Our wide range of suppliers gives us nearly unlimited access to what is available around the world. Contact us, and we’d be pleased to help design your dream building.

Igloo’s commitment to quality is bar-none, unmatched in the industry, part of which stems from the products we work with. Igloo chooses to work with quality products that provide lasting results.

See the links below for a list of suppliers and the products we’ve worked with, and can provide for any upcoming project.

Mitsubishi Alpolic
Engineered Assemblies
Sound Solutions

Metal Deck

What may be the most un-noticed but very important aspect of any steel structure, the floor and roof deck, also frequently called Q-deck. Igloo will supply and install metal deck to any building, from a 42-story high rise tower, to 1.5 million squarefoot warehouses to a 2000 squarefoot independent commercial building, even residential, we can do it all, no deck job is too big or too small.

Phenolic Panels

Phenolic panels has been a natural progression for Igloo from ACM. Using the same support and envelope system as the ACM panels, we have transferred our knowledge to the installation capabilities for various types of Phenolic Panels. There are different types of Phenolic Panels, the Prodema brand has a resin core with a real wood acrylic finish, to actually look like real wood but provide the weathering strength of a composite. MEG Abet Laminati has a high pressure laminate core, which offers hundreds of colour capabilities for the exterior, whilst also providing strong weather capabilities. See our gallery for pictures of the Abet product.

If there are other exterior rain screen façade products out there not shown on this website, be sure that we can get a hold of the product, and bring it in specifically for your project. Our wide range of suppliers gives us nearly unlimited access to what is available around the world. Contact us, and we’d be pleased to help design your dream building.


We have been known to provide other items that may not be defined in specification scope of work, from louvers, gutters and downpipe to sunshades, bug and bird screen, we can source, supply and install it all, even have it painted if necessary. We’re a custom design-build company that can work to meet your needs.