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Igloo Erectors is proud to offer Kalzip roofing and wall cladding.

  • Igloo Over 25 Years

Originating from Ontario in the early 70's, Igloo Construction was a local install only cladding company servicing the Greater Toronto Area. In the early 80's Igloo Construction was chosen by Westeel to install the metal cladding on the Sheerness Generating Station in Hanna, AB. Igloo's management decided to send a young up and coming superintendant Dennis Hayden to run this job.

Three years later upon successful completion of Sheerness, Dennis and his family decided they wanted to live in Calgary. Dennis then started his own company naming it Igloo Erectors Ltd., and started supply and erection of metal cladding on industrial sites across Alberta. This eventually led to the opening of the corporate office in Calgary in 1990 followed by a branch office in Edmonton in 1994; eventually moving into the commercial and high end residential construction industries as well.

In 2001 Igloo moved to its present location in the Golden Triangle Industrial Park in Calgary's SE, complete with its own 10,500 sf manufacturing facility and yard. Igloo is able to manufacture the panel systems for both offices in house in Calgary. With demand strong for their products and expertise the company has grown quickly with a staff of just over 100 employees, with most of the senior management having in excess of 30 yrs of experience.

We are all proud to announce that this is Igloo's 25th anniversary, an important milestone that can only be reached with steadfast commitment to the delivery of Quality Products and Services in a safe work environment. Currently the day to day operations are being managed by General Manager Richard Nesbitt. He is presently leading the company to further expansion into the Phenolic, Fibre Cement and other composite panel markets. With Richards 35 years of experience, a committed team of talented professionals with hundreds of years of combined experience and a growing arsenal of young talent, Igloo's continued stability and growth for the future looks guaranteed.


Since 1987 Igloo Erectors has been providing quality cladding and panel systems to the industrial and commercial construction industries in Alberta. With evolution into the high end residential housing market, Igloo has built and maintained a reputation that provides excellent customer service and quality. With the ability to manufacture customized metal and composite panels to any building, Igloo is one of the leading companies in Alberta's Sheet Metal industry.

Servicing Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, Igloo can provide the design and look needed for any type of building. With commitment to quality workmanship, Igloo has 25 years of success behind its name, with many more to come.